Cinta Costera

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The Cinta Costera of Panama City

The Cinta Costera of Panama City is a place to enjoy green areas without leaving the city. The strip covers over 35 hectares, 16 of which are completely devoted to green spaces. Bordering the Bay of Panama, the strip links modern Punta Paitilla to the Panama Viejo district. As you walk along, the road will take you from the skyscrapers on one end to the colonial-era constructions on the other.


Due to its proximity, accessibility and scenery, the coastal strip is one of the best options for exercise. Because of the demand of hundreds of Panamanians who visit the coastal strip daily and who see it as a place of exercise they prepared an area with exercise machines. They have also installed bicycle parking, which is located next to the field next to the Hotel Miramar. The Cinta Costera has designed a new space for meditation and relaxation in a space of 400 square meters with a Japanese-style setting which highlights its green landscaping with gardens, large stones and an artificial lake.


Hundreds of people come every evening to the Cinta Costera to practice sports such as basketball, football, calisthenics, cricket, aerobics and others. Like these sports, there are many people of all ages going to the Cinta Costera for skating, jogging, bicycling, aerobics, volleyball, tennis, and other sports activities that contribute to maintaining good health and, above all, a clear mind.


The Cinta Costera skatepark is one of the best places chosen by many young skateboarders to ride each day. The all–concrete skate park features a street plaza complete with an array of stairsets with handrails and hubbas, A-frame rails and ledges, and a variety of other ramps that surround an amazing flow bowl. Everything is painted red and blue to pay tribute to Panama’s flag. The park is an estimated 20,000 square feet and was built by skate experts from California. There is also a dedicated lane for bikes, which is crowded with cyclists each weekend. Many tourists who visit can inexpensively rent bikes and exercise while enjoying the views of the city and Pacific Ocean.


Historically, entire families have been dedicated to being the keepers of traditional Panamanian food. The seafood dishes are the specialty of the area. Fried fish, lobster, fried plantains and more flavors of the country should be enough reason to visit this spot and sample the best of Panamanian food. 11 new trendy fusion chefs have been trained by famous traditional chefs of Panama. Located next to Maracaná Stadium, Chorillo offers an environment with artistic and folkloric presentations that highlight the culture of the country.